About us- 09.06.2022

We are curious

Our gift

L&D Support is the only advisory that uses a scientifically validated approach towards human development that makes people, organizations, and societies to perform sustainably better.



We improve performance by unlocking people’s true potential.

For us performance is about the things people do or want to do. By unlocking the true potential and offering insights into the factors that influence their actual performance, improvements can be made.

This is better…:

Better for you:
Better understanding of (hidden) talents
Better understanding of personal pitfalls
Better understanding of personal fit in the working environment
Concrete grow path and next steps advisory

Better for coaches/consultants/professionals:
Objective analysis of current standings
Mediation between participants possible
Improve quality of advisory due to acknowledged validated methodology
Better understanding of cultural hazards of your customer as a whole

Better for (Business-) Organizations:
Better selecting and onboarding new staff
Better creating team workforce members
Better analyzing on team/group level for appropriate develop measures
Anticipate on possible dropouts due to mismatch & burnout

Better for society:
Resilient people and organizations
People being at the right place saves utilization of (social- & health-) care insurances & services
Support improvement-mindset to be the foundation of a meaningful and caring society


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We are curious, people driven and ambitious.

We support individuals, companies and social or governmental institutions and help them get a better understanding of people’s true potential. By doing so, we help them grow. Grow as an individual, as a company or as society as a whole. This overarching need is our starting point. We help our clients get a better understanding of people’s true potential and offer them insights into the factors that influence their actual performance.

Our focus is always on people, the opportunities of today and for the future. We are convinced that when people are engaged in activities that suit or fit them best, they are more content, less prone to illness and more productive.

Our products represent years of experience. Founded in the Netherlands in 1990 as an innovative organizational consultancy firm, L&D Support produces scientifically validated and specialized measurements to unlock people’s true potential.


Customer markets

At L&D Support we look at our solution from a broad perspective. Our unique, scientifically validated approach is applicable for all kinds of different situations, in both social and commercial settings. We help our clients make better decisions by giving them better insights into the true potential of people. We help people, the companies they work for or the institutions that want to support them to perform better. Both personally and professionally. 


We have customized products for the following customers, click to learn more.


(Non-) profit organizations – Profilizer Method

Social domain – ABC Method and InCheck Measurement

Rehabilitation –  die.IMPULS Method

Universities, higher education – TALENT.SENSE Solution