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Fietje THE bus

Fietje THE Bus

Do you steer your own life, do sit behind the steering wheel of you own “life-bus”?

Whenever it is a question of shaping change, the question arises as to whether the results of one’s own actions can be traced back to internal or external causes.

Answers are provided by the psychological concept of locus of control and It’s also a central component of the L&D support measurement tool.

This is what Fietje THE Bus stands for.

Fietje makes the technical language come alive: who steers the bus of one’s own life, the life bus?

Do I take responsibility, do I make decisions and do I sit at the front of the bus or do I rather sit in the passenger seat? Or would I rather sit in the back of the bus and let someone else drive?

In addition, Fietje also stands for the journey to the personal destination change. Who would I like to take with me or would I rather go alone? Do I take the direct route or do I prefer several stops to linger and reflect? Do I obey the rules of the road and follow the recommendations of the navigation system?

The L&D Support Instrument shows it to you! 

Fietje has become a real part of the L&D Support family and visits fairs, congresses, exhibitions and of course our customers during the summer months.

You can find out where Fietje is currently on the road on Facebook or in our newsletter. We look forward to your Likes!

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