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About us

We support individuals, companies and social or governmental institutions and help them get a better understanding of people’s true potential.

By doing so, we help them grow. Grow as an individual, as a company or as society as a whole. This overarching need is our starting point.

We help our clients get a better understanding of people’s true potential and offer them insights into the factors that influence their actual performance.

Our focus is always on people, the opportunities of today and for the future.

We are convinced that when people are engaged in activities that suit or fit them best, they are more content, less prone to illness and more productive.

Our products represent years of experience: founded in the Netherlands in 1990 as an innovative organizational consultancy firm, L&D Support produces scientifically validated and specialized measurements to unlock people’s true potential.


L&D Support’s team of professionals is dedicated to unlocking the potential in people. We see each measurement as a representation of a person who has value and a contribution to make. Our team includes experts in the fields of:

• Business management
• Higher education
• Human resources & talent management
• Information technology
• Organizational- & Business Coaching
• Organizational consulting and transformation
• Pedagogy
• Project management
• Psychology
• Statistics/econometrics

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Each team member is focused on ensuring that our products and services are delivered in a professional, high quality and repeatable manner.

This is the best I ever saw

Boris Sloan

Managing Director

Awesome good, best product ever.

Heinz Jansen

Managing Director