About us- 09.06.2022


Every employee of L&D Support provides several kinds of talents, and we have a common vision of what characteristics are needed to be successful in our working environment.

We also would appreciate that our partners and customers have these characteristics as well:

We are curious

We empower people to reach their full potential. To do so, we are curious to not only find out about the resilience of people, but also dig deeper into the core and context of the human being so we can make accurate predictions for the future.

Our curiosity is not only aimed at the people taking the test, but also at organizations and society. That is why we listen carefully, keep digging by asking questions and are driven to find the actual ambition.

To make sure we can actually realize people’s potential.


We are driven by people

Understanding, helping and laying bare the true potential of people is what drives us.

It was driving us when developing the test 30 years ago and it is still driving us today.

We developed an instrument that goes deeper into the core of the person, is scientifically validated and therefore unmatched by any other test in the market.

We are driven by people and work every single day towards understanding people even better (and optimizing our way of working) to make sure we realize everybody’s potential! 

We are ambitious

We believe that everyone can keep improving themselves and remain of great added value (to themselves, to businesses or to society) if put in the right situation.

That is why we want to introduce everybody to L&D Support to make sure we make all possibilities for improvement visable and realize all potential in the market. Not only the potential of people, but also of businesses, society and even our own business.

We will not stop until we have made the most of all potential.


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