Quality- 09.06.2022


Quality standards

The L&D support tool is validated according to EFPA’s review process:

Three appointed and independent auditors confirmed the quality of the L&D support tool by reviewing it in accordance with EFPA’s review models.

The assessments certify that the theoretical and empirical basis of the L&D support tool meets the requirements and standards set by EFPA.

In particular, good to very good values are attested in the areas of “adequacy of overall reliability” and “adequacy of overall validity” – internal consistency of the various scales between 0.63-0.82; Cronbach’s α average at 0.74.

The EFPA (the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations) is the European federation of national psychologists’ associations and represents 37 different European psychologists’ associations with a total of 350,000 psychologists in Europe).

EFPA sets the highest quality standards in the area of test quality criteria for psychological tests and measurement procedures.

For more information on EFPA and its review model, please click here –> Download Section

In annual audits, the L&D Support team demonstrates that it meets the criteria of this standard.


In addition, L&D Support is regularly audited in accordance with DIN SPEC 77 22 4 – Service Excellence: Service at the highest level is characterized as Service Excellence – i.e. the top league of service performance.

This is where we demonstrate our exceptional qualifications and competencies, which undoubtedly and directly meet every service-specific situation.

DIN SPEC 7724 presupposes and is based on the management requirements ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 10002 (proactive complaint management).


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