Methods- 09.06.2022


With our methods, we unleash people’s potential and enable them to optimise their performance – that’s how we improve results!

Our methods combine the scientifically developed L&D support tool with a process-based approach.

In doing so, the tool provides the necessary insights and the processual approach helps to translate these insights into positive developments and growth.

This enables L&D Support to assist you with a wide range of issues and objectives – helping you to improve your results. This has advantages for you, all participating persons, coaches and counsellors, institutions and society.

Our process approach consists of five process steps. They are described with the ein.MODELL.

Our methods combine the scientifically developed L&D support tool with a process-based approach in five steps. Numerous questions can be answered and various objectives can be achieved.

The ein.MODELL:

ein.STIEG – ein.BLICK – ein.SICHT – ein.SATZ – ein.HEIT


As an introduction to the process, the potentials and the factors that influence personal performance are recorded with the help of the tool.

Participants are invited directly or indirectly, digitally or analogue, to complete the L&D Support questionnaire modules.

This saves valuable resources. Subsequently, the participating persons register online at the L&D Support “about.ME” portal and complete the questionnaire modules.


The answered questionnaire modules are evaluated.

We support you with our expertise and experience in the assessment and help you to identify resources, potentials and support needs.

With this access, we also signal to you when the individual situation of one of the participating persons demands immediate action from you.

This way you protect your resources and you can focus even better.


The targeted thematisation and appreciation of resources, potentials, learning areas and support needs enable a factual as well as emotional understanding of the current situation of the participating persons.

With the help of proven discussion techniques such as coaching, reflection, supervision or expert advice, all those involved can reach joint conclusions in a trusting manner and at eye level.

This creates the basis for joint further steps in which the true potentials of the participating persons are released and they are enabled to optimise their personal performance.


In order to be able to optimally release the true potentials of the participating persons and to enable them to optimise their performance, goals are formulated.

Based on the ein.SICHT phase, a joint plan is drawn up with concrete action steps and milestones for achieving the set goals.

These specific action steps are implemented, accompanied and evaluated step by step.

In this way, the participating persons can be accompanied according to their individual support needs and the agreed steps can be implemented in a self-efficacious way.

Personal growth is the result.


At the end of the process, there is integrity of formulated goals and achieved results.

The overall process, the achievement of objectives and the milestones reached are reflected upon and evaluated. Hurdles and obstacles overcome are acknowledged and successes are highlighted.

In particular, it is now important to consolidate the successes achieved and use them as a stable foundation for future challenges and goals.

Participants can build on the successes they have achieved and continue to use their true potential to achieve their personal goals.

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